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This is how we calculate payload.

Any truck as 25 toner/ 31 toner / 37 toner , we are mentioning the GVW (gross vehicle weight) of that truck.

GVW = vehicle kerb weight + max. permissible payload

GVW of any truck is calculated on the basis of type of axle combination it is having.

There are predefined combinations of axles and each of them have been assigned maximum permissible load capacity by RTO itself. e.g a 6T axle can put maximum force of 6000 kg-wt on the road.

GVW of a vehicle is decided by the combination of these axles.

Hence a 25T truck will have one 6T axle and one 19T axle , consequently total of 10 tyres. (people use to call it 10 chakka truck)



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